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Nice job! I wish it was longer and also, maybe, different stages! 


you just sent me 15 years in the past



Wow this game is so cool! I wish this game could be longer, but hey, nice work! 
How did you make the sprites? What program do you use? Sorry is just that I want to create videogames too and I want to ask someone to know a bit about creating good videogames. 

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hey! we used a program called aseprite for most pixel art, it's what I'd recommend for most beginners who want to learn. There's a bunch of good tutorials you can find for it on youtube, good luck :)

Oh thanks!

you should turn this into a full game that you have to pay for

Ohh this game looks great! Anyone knows if it plays with wine or proton?


:3 I am surprised you din't just download it to test it out. But to answer your question, yes it works really well on Wine.

I have now played it and love it!

very nice and cute


This is so awesome! Kiki's Delivery Service is literally my favorite movie ever so this game made me so happy!!!

It's short but entertaining, I was surprised that my pc can play the game because my pc is like a toaster

what a beautiful game!

Cute looking game reminds me so much of the cartoon show Studio Ghibli made.

This is so blessed! I'm gonna have to try this out!

Hi! I tested your game in my video!

It was really cute and fun! I love the reference btw ^^


Eu amo esse filme

Não é um filme ;-; 

This game is a parody of the movie Kiki's Delivery Service.


Oh my gosh there's a game based on [Mimi's] Delivery [Rush]! Oh wow I love that film so much and now there's a game of it with the cutest pixel art I've ever seen I haven't actually played it yet but I love it already aaaaaahhhhh!!

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OK I've played it now. So good. This is the best game. 10/10. Runs like crap on Linux through WINE but that's not the game's fault.

never seen a ghibli music, but i didnt need to to enjoy this game. really fun addicting arcade gameplay. and the graphics were superb. but mimi needs an uzi to do a fly-by on those crows just sayin...


As someone who grew up loving Kiki's Delivery Service, I loved this game! It's short, but it's super cute and fun and was just such a great time! I made a video, I hope you enjoy it! 


Imagine this game on a mobile! Would be perfect

Can you do this? Please!


Have you ever wondered what delivers faster then amazon? Witches!


Well done dev :) 

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Nice.  Feedback on it:
- Artwork is awesome
- It would be better if the player started close to one delivery right away
- After a while hint the direction of a new delivery
- Maybe pull the camera a bit when going faster could help avoiding unwanted collision
- Not sure if it was off on my PC but I couldn't hear any sounds or music


yeah I think you had the sound turned off or lowered hah. Thanks for playing anyway ^^

No problem. All the best ^^


So for how small it was I did get the Kiki delivery reference took me after editing to realize it though - is slow- anyway xD the game was great I enjoyed playing it, for what it was, a short quick and to the point type game, usually my favorites, plus a cute girl ofc I really enjoyed this short game, hopefully there will be more in the near future! if not thats fine I liked this a lot tho :D good work! 

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :))

This was an awesome little movie-game adaptation! I totally forgot about this movie, so the game brought back so much nostalgia! The mechanics are great and I loved the pixelated graphics. The arcade feel to it was fun. I just wish there were some power ups and/or time extensions to maybe add a little more variety to the mix. Otherwise, it was a short and sweet experience! Thanks for making this!!

sorry for the super short lackluster review! I’m very busy today so I couldn’t get much out there.

Hey, thanks for playing! I've got a few other projects I'm moving on with but I do have some updates in the works for this, maybe not so much in terms of powerups at the moment but will have a think about things anyway. Cheers :)

Tight controls, lovely music, great gameplay, cute graphics. Love it all around! :)


Made a video

Very cute! Why birdos no like me?


This is game is very entertaining:)

look cute,  love you and Ghibli


Hey, I recorded a quick video of your game if you would like to check it out! :)



A very well made game in such short span of time! Good use of theme, simple but engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics and audio (I enjoyed both music and sound effects aplenty). Congratulatons on creating this beautiful game!


Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it :)


Very well put together game, I just wish there were more levels.


Keeping an eye out for linux/web version!

Thanks for the interest! We're looking into porting into other platforms and while linux/web versions aren't on the top of our list right now, we'll see what we can do. :)


Quirky little game, not so sure Witches should like being couriers but I guess it's Mimi's choice.


Great graphics, wonderful soundtrack, perfect controls...

Thanks !! :)


Thought it was super fun. Not too many arcade style games that are made like this anymore. Simple but, super fun!

Any chance of a Mac or web build?


Sorry, probably not for a while at least. We developed the game using Gamemaker Studio 2 and their export modules for additional platforms are a bit too pricey to make porting worth it right now. It might be something I do in the future with a bunch of games at once though, will see

Ok, no worries, I can probably borrow a Windows PC for a while to try it out!


This totally reminds me of KiKi's Delivery Service!


nostalgic feeling like Kiki's Delivery Service


If it wasn't for those crows, I would have gotten rich! :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

why does it say you're playing Sonic Dash?

Also please enable community contribution for translations/subtitles

I enabled it. :)

Youtube problem... 

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