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so cute

Whelp, time to rewatch Kiki. What a fun experience. I wish it were longer. It's unbelievably cute, the art is amazing, I love the music, and all the cute deliverable items were fantastic.

Mimi's delivery service :)

I like the Witch Delivery


Recuerdo jugar este juego a diario cuando mi laptop andaba, y como aun no eh logrado mandarla a arreglar apenas podia saber de este juego, es solo por un saber, si existiera la posibilidad de que salga una version android, es un juego que me gustaba mucho, y mas por la inspiracion que tiene, la banda sonora es buenisima, el arte de los personajes y todo lo que incluye, ojala pronto mandar a reparar la laptop para jugar

so cute

porque me sale en busqueda more18?? XD

seguro te aparecio en SFW que es por sus siglas al ingles "safe for work" seguro para trabajo al español, deviste confundirlo con "NSFW" por sus siglas en ingles, no seguro para trabajo, que suele tocar temas fuertes o sexsos, la seccion "SFW" es la seccion segura

Amazing game. I love the visuals

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Cute game but I found a glitch.

I hit a wall while boosting and she clipped enough into the floor to get stuck in place from a collision loop 


Name sounds...


Super cute game.  I wish there had been levels but fun none the less. 10/10

this is so cute! i love it!

Cute! I liked the subtle sound effects

Having grown up watching Studio Ghibli I can't not see the reference and I love it.

you should put this on Mac 

Divertido bom trabalho

A really cute game loved the pixel art style just wished the game had been longer but I loved it

My gameplay

Cool gamee!!

On which game engine is this made!! btw cool game

Gamemaker Studio 2

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Nice job! I wish it was longer and also, maybe, different stages! 


you just sent me 15 years in the past



Wow this game is so cool! I wish this game could be longer, but hey, nice work! 
How did you make the sprites? What program do you use? Sorry is just that I want to create videogames too and I want to ask someone to know a bit about creating good videogames. 

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hey! we used a program called aseprite for most pixel art, it's what I'd recommend for most beginners who want to learn. There's a bunch of good tutorials you can find for it on youtube, good luck :)

Oh thanks!

you should turn this into a full game that you have to pay for

Ohh this game looks great! Anyone knows if it plays with wine or proton?


:3 I am surprised you din't just download it to test it out. But to answer your question, yes it works really well on Wine.

I have now played it and love it!

very nice and cute


This is so awesome! Kiki's Delivery Service is literally my favorite movie ever so this game made me so happy!!!

It's short but entertaining, I was surprised that my pc can play the game because my pc is like a toaster

what a beautiful game!

Cute looking game reminds me so much of the cartoon show Studio Ghibli made.

This is so blessed! I'm gonna have to try this out!

Hi! I tested your game in my video!

It was really cute and fun! I love the reference btw ^^


Eu amo esse filme

Não é um filme ;-; 

This game is a parody of the movie Kiki's Delivery Service.


Oh my gosh there's a game based on [Mimi's] Delivery [Rush]! Oh wow I love that film so much and now there's a game of it with the cutest pixel art I've ever seen I haven't actually played it yet but I love it already aaaaaahhhhh!!

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OK I've played it now. So good. This is the best game. 10/10. Runs like crap on Linux through WINE but that's not the game's fault.

never seen a ghibli music, but i didnt need to to enjoy this game. really fun addicting arcade gameplay. and the graphics were superb. but mimi needs an uzi to do a fly-by on those crows just sayin...


As someone who grew up loving Kiki's Delivery Service, I loved this game! It's short, but it's super cute and fun and was just such a great time! I made a video, I hope you enjoy it! 


Imagine this game on a mobile! Would be perfect

Can you do this? Please!

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