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Can you build a mac version?

hey - it's not easy for me to test mac builds since i don't have a new model on hand, but i'll see what i can do this week

Thanks for this - it really helped me for LD41

Next time, you should mark the upload as for Windows or something so people can download on the itch app if they have one.

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Great tool!
Simple, quirky,  and effective :)

I've added quite a bit to my list, including themes, and gameplay mechanics: 'though I understand it's not in the true nature of a 'Genre' generator, I've found it to be a perfect little tool for early stage inspiration.

Link for text of genreList file, if anyone is interested: genreList on Google Drive

Many thanks Caffinate,

I made an online version of the generator using the genreList posted by BedsideWolf.

Awesome job, glad the list was useful :)

Uff wouldnt have had a theme without it thanks a bunch man!

Thank you


Mate, no GNU/Linux version?


It works on wine for me.

This is now even more useful than you could have imagined