Abaddon Fonts v1.2 Update

Update 1.2 TLDR:

- kerning and spacing adjustments

- minor character edits for consistency

Just a quick update log - big thanks to everybody who's supported the fonts so far. 

I've been adjusting these fonts as I've been using them myself. and found that the spacing wasn't as legible as I'd like at all resolutions. The bold version was the main offender - I've respaced the characters now, and tweaked some here and there.

I've left both versions of the font uploaded just incase users disagree, but 1.2 is what I'll be using in my own projects from here on.




Abaddon_Fonts_v1.2.zip 7 kB
Jun 16, 2020
Abaddon_Fonts.zip 7 kB
May 23, 2020

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